figuring it out.

hit it qwik snap w/ Old Man Withers,
timed the lull between storms perfectly.
still feeling out the El Marifixi, might
drop the bars just a smidge yet, front
end feels bouncy, like it could use a bit
more weight on it...

the 18 makes you earn it, really diggin'
it on the flats and it's a nice tempo on
the extended ups, excellent conversational
pace rolling with coasty types. Breck,
I'll have the 19 along, depending on
what shakedown spin analysis reveals.
Purist in me says you finish with what
you start, I really want to keep downhill
slummin' to a min...could be a lot of hikin'.
and I'm ok with that.

one of the wondertwins is gettin' in
my head, damn you Dave! so the next
week and half will be obsessing hell, then
there's nothing more that can be done,
cuz at that point, what's done is done
and you can't do nothing about it,
except deal, and keep on pedaling.
always keep pedaling.

always, that's where the secrets lie.

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