into the latter portion of a big bottle of the GoldenMonkey.
Breck on my mind, as always since MikeyMac announced the
bloggity blogness. three 1000 word articles, no problem.
race reports no problem. yeah.

I don't like using a lot of words. pare it down, say what
needs to be said. find something related to the theme,
anything, to riff on, only find maybe 600 words.

what I'm saying is, it was an interesting undertaking, learned
some things. articles are different than rambling impromptu
blog posts. that i've gotten more reserved, in some respects,
with what gets thrown up here. or there. or whereever there
is....supposed to be linkage from BikeMag, no such thing yet.
Whatever. But since a quick surf last night showed that they
haven't updated much of anything bloggish since MAy, well...
what do you expect?

Also reread, again, the last pre-race dilly, kinda happy with it,
sorta. coulda been a storger effort, jumbled thoughts w/out
flow towards the end...stuck on too many themes, trains of
thought, loose ends in the wind....what's done is done.

got onto the Google Earth last night, combined with more
incredible beta from Euro Greenerificness Sonya & Jeff, and
my map and a few obscure web pages I printed, getting a
feel for the lay of the land.


wow, been telling myself, queitly on manymany rides,
'this is for Breck.' even during one foot in front of the
other last laps at Denton or Whitegrass, 'this is for Breck.'
And now this opportunity of a lifetiime is upon me, and
I can't thank everybody enough, and wish I'd given more
props in that last pre-gamer. Psyched for old school
friend hookups for the acclimatization roadtrip.
Checking out the Evergreen scene, then Kenosha
and/or Georgia Pass on the Colorado Trail on
Saturday before saunterring into BreckTown for
some Firecracker apres' scene. It's a celebration!

Then I'll deal w/ the inevitable headache and ride through
it like always and try to blow some minds w/ regard to
what an eastern boy can do on a fixed gear in the
big bad Rockies.

The well is full, time jump in, pull the plug, and drain it.


Anonymous said...

Git em' boy....get comfortable in the pain cave. Pedro

ifchicks said...

Good luck ripping it up out there in CO. Sounds like Tomi is ready to rock !!!!!!! Hope you have an excellent time out there and kick some ass. :)