so, uhm, yeah.

I'll try to keep the captions short,
let the pics do the talking.
standard winter scenario, out of
bed at 4, oatmeal, orange juice.
CR-Vizzle rolling by 5.

daylight brewing.
60mph sunrise.
bluebird? maybe, sorta.
parking at 8:40, it was crowded.
mtn staff, handful of lifties, another handful
of ski patrol mixed with a couple
instructors.......and me.

fuck. yeah.
waiting for first chair on the double.
local knowledge indicates that the triple spins
earlier. ski patrol took advantage.
view from 'first chair.'

I like the sequence. throw in
a hoot and a holler for effect.
he got firsties on the apron,
I got first and second off the top,
He shwooped it up lookers left,
I let 'em run down the middle.

over to the triple, damn it's
getting crowded, pic taken
approx 10am. tracked out?
Keep following the nose to
freshness. Stay a step ahead.
Tagged firsties and seconds under
the triple chair.
Third time's a charm.
Slightly different perspective.
Yes, did almost tangle with the
water pipe, and no, that tree
didn't seem quite that close at
the time.......what a fuckin' rush.
'frontside' milked and shralped for all it was worth. even upped my 'hucking' game by actually jumping off a couple rocks, but not that big one in the picture above. So, nothing hudge by any means, but at 37 with sometimes goofy knees, 5ft is plenty fun enough.

Then off into the tree stashes.
spontaneous log slide,
put me in the park, booyahh.
what's this
remind you of?
quiet spot below Patrol Bowl to collect your thoughts.
Potter County Luv Shak.
more explorin', see the blue ribbon?
blue ribbons take you places.


kopko said...

anyone hit the diving board cliff in that pic, I was eyein it up when they had like 2 in of snow for a landing, looked primo nice pics

Tomi said...

yeah, didn't see it go down, but saw clean tracks off of it a few laps later.

Size of that puppy is just a bit out of my league.....next year, next year....

Jimmy K said...

daylight brewing on route 15 north of troutville

there's some secret single in that picture....

secret single at denton too, mostly on STS. almost 80 miles of it. skiable with that much snow and tele bindings.