just numbers

doing some in depth analysis.

32:16 x 26", 100 miles in 9:30 = 69 avg cadence.

pushing a 29er at 32:19 over 9 hours = 77.2 avg cadence.
32:17 drops it to 69.1 rpm.

spinning the 40:15 on the road bike at 17mph = 81 rpm.

what's that mean?

Well, guess I can either load up with a bigger gear and risk
bogging down too often, at least until that pedal stroke is
developed. Or work on upping sustainable leg speed,
which looks primarily like a fitness thing, vs more strength
based for the first, also a fitness thing, but different stress,
ya know?

Or simply let the previous approach evolve a bit and make
sure to run a tight ship on race day. Could easily cut 15 minutes
just by reducing off bike time.

But sometimes, you just need to take a few breaths and step away.
Often beneficial in the long run.....


dicky said...

You're starting to sound more like that powertap guy Dave whatshisface.

Tomi said...

ha, maybe, this is pretty much as analytical as it gets....to go faster means to push a bigger gear @ same cadence or spin a similar gear faster.

The numbers just reflect common sense intuition.

neal said...

The answer is: that's a dandy of a question.. both ends of the fixy candle can burn you well enough. I tried to up the gear 35/17 (26) for SM but just really couldn't stay on top of it all day long.

Fxdwhl said...

spinning fades into the memory faster then bogged down mashing. especially in the rough at least for me that is. joints don't mind it as much either.

Anonymous said...

if you want to go faster at the hundred - get a bigger gear (you should have plenty of options)and get in better shape (is that possible? arent you getting old?).


Tomi said...

yes, yes I am.