transitions, yeah.

Let's get this party started, you can feel those days
coming, they're just around the corner. Time to pay
the piper.When you start seeing quotes like this
from the big dawgs, you know we're turning the
corner on another season.

Spring's coming, bring it.

from cyclingnews.com:

For Boonen, the semi-classic is an empty space on his trophy shelf. "It is the only race I have not won from the spring classics, all the other ones I have already won one time or more."

Must be neat to be able to say
that, with a straight face, at 27.

Me, I'm gonna get after some
sick mid Atlantic lift assist bc
skiing tomorrow, totally radgnar.
Like last wknd, but more.

One last chance to shralp some pow,
then I'll reallllllly be itchin for some
quality saddle time.

quick transition from this:
to this:
and definitely some of this:

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