junk miles
I do not like that phrase.
it's a racer boy phrase.
used by folks who 'train.'
who 'race'
who 'race to win.'
how can any miles be 'junk miles'?
why would you want to disgrace any
of those moments of freedom and bliss
with such an ignorant phrase?
smile on the face, wind in the
hair, pedals ticking over.
why degrade that experience?
junk miles?
it's why I don't like (and can be a
dick when it comes to) conversations
of 'scientific training'
it's why I heckle and say shit and
know that I'm coming off as an ass.
but that's my fucking opinion.
how can any miles be 'junk miles'?
I mean, what the fuck?
appreciate the gift.
show a little fucking respect.
junk miles.
that gets under my skin.
and I don't discount the passion
and drive and love of the sport
of those that use it, I get what
they're trying to relate.....
but the phraseology,
I find it fucking disrespectful.


Fort James said...

On a singlespeed, there is no such thing as junk miles, training rides, etc. Every ride counts, every ride is training, intervals happen every time we ride.

Every pedal stroke counts.

Skippy said...

Like turns down the mountain, there's no junk, just good, better and best.

Anonymous said...

junk miles are like junk food, they make your lips smack.

Brett said...

soul miles . . .

what's a training plan?

Luis G. said...

F'n A! I hate that phrase too...

Junk hours at the office, now THAT would be appropriate...

Jason said...

My whole ride philosophy is based on junk miles. Riding is fun whether the powers that be deem them "junk" or "training" If your ass is in the saddle, your legs are pushing pedals, there should be a grin on your face and you should give two shitz about whether it's junk or now. Viva la junk!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy K said...

there is no junk.
to regret is regrettable:
access the beauty
you may have to wait for it
you may have to search for it
if you choose not to,
don't call it junk.