day off work?

how every day should start.8:18 rollout from the doorstep.

LeTort morning.first full day of Spring,
bluuuuuuuebird.'shared use' rail trail.
Skinny Chicken representin' for Thorpe.The Old Mule.Rattlesnake rocks.
There's a Churtle.whuuuuut?
Too tired to try the slab.Late afternoon light.lookin' fresh.

for the record:
clocked 8:30 elapsed, including the morning commute,
7:30 to get around a roughly estimated 6hr loop,
didn't dillydally much at all, only one mech issue with Lee
breaking a chain while climbing up Jake's.
fuel for the day:
6 gel packs
1 turkey/bacon/cheese bagel.
100oz water
1 bottle of Gatorade
1 bottle of very good beer, love the Nugget.
oh, and some Jeebus bunny too, thanks Buck:
Nice reminder of what a long day feels like,
thanks everybody.
other pics on the Smug.


cyclocrosser said...

hey tom, when am I going to get to ride with a legend such as yourself?

Pete said...

Thanks for postin the PA pics, man some sweet stuff, I love the rocks and leaves.

I didnt know the skinny chicken owned a geared bike....

camps said...

Where is that slab?

huber said...

pimpin' ain't easy, but it sure is fun!

Tim said...

Pretty impressive to get that done in March. Nice work.

Brett said...

I like the slab pics. Donna and I rode that section last night...

gwadzilla said...

I need to get out there!

maybe some gambril next weekend!