had a good ride yesterday.
worked hard, the Sunday ride
allows that. always a couple
willing to play. want more
steady, sit back, they'll wait.

have I told you about my new bike?

I really like it.

Really put it thru the paces
last two wknds. First, the
Punk Bike holeshots, then
a 4:20 Meeshow beat down
yesterday. Feeling a bit worked.

Don't know if it's newbikeitus or the real
deal, but damn, that was one of my finest
trips across Rattlesnake, evah. Also took
the chance to find the edge along My Fave
with Lee & Bucky in tow.

Had to find it, ya know?
Glad their brakes were in order when I
'drifted' from one line to the other, that
almost got really interesting.

And the damn bike just kept rollin.

hardest part about it is keeping enough
oxygen in the brain to see straight.
everything else just seems to work out.