flip it.

from my best ski day of the year,
to Enduro Punk Bikin' down in the 'shed.

what a blast! best punk bikin' I've ever
done. takes me a few rounds to figure
out how these games are played.

Apparantly it's all about the holeshot,
then trying to hold on without puking
while looking for off trail Punks thru
twisted blurry vision. Darius put
together a cool slideshow:

Hudge props to the Outlaw for the heads up and all of the behind the scenes that it takes to pull it off. Cheryl & Lee took home some nifty trophies and the respect of their peers, nice work kids.

I took few pictures, exactly 3, poor crowd shots. run down thru the SS links over on the right there, and you'll find visual documentation. Fun times riding with everybody, thanks all.


huber said...

The gloves should be at your stoop soon!

Tomi said...

awesome, thanks man!

Jonathan said...

Wish I'd recognized you at the PBE, particularly because we talked briefly about my old Mongoose - I feel like an ass for missing the chance to say thanks for the cogs.

Hopefully you saw that it was working just as advertised. Couldn't be happier.


riderx said...

Nice showing, ya got 2nd place. Not bad for a guy who doesn't know how to coast.