viva le tour

no steps taken today. the crew is awesome, support is incredible, best biking event in da whole dayyummn world.

fun prologue looking for flow, enchanted forest love on Saturday past the headwaters, a Massanutten kick in the teeth via the road on Sun (only 6 steps taken), Massanutten {There's no place like home!} rock n roll fixy ridgline line love on Monday and finally no more dragons after today. 100ish miles into the hinterlands of WV is done. The day that scared me is in the books, 250 and then Reddish from the hunjo side is in the legs, no steps, just rollin' on along thru that quiet place for a long long, longlonglong time. Tomorrow is The Deathstar and Hone Quarry, then we party like it's 1999.

more later, lots of pics when I get home.


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