Curse 100k --- ouch.


Yeah, what a wknd. Props to everybody that finished, especially the one speeders, that was a tough, very tough loop. Pre-rode the whole thing 'for fun' on Saturday. Had a blast on the front loop, solo ripping the downhills, all day steady gunning pace on the climbs. Dos rode splendidly, other than the grumpy middle ring. Had to give myself a pep talk before heading out for the second portion, didn't want it to get ugly and the potential was there for sure. Kept to the gameplan, gettin' it big grin styley in the woods and staying honest on the climbs, gameface but not quite cramping race pace.

Backside of Grave's was a special treat, had to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness. Knew from Travfest that from the bottom of Grave's to Big Flat was a serious chunk of elevation, one of the biggest in the forest probably. And I guess there's a reason that we rarely, if ever, ride that atv trail up the backside of Grave's, that fucker is just plain rude. Deep roots with sippy holes, little headwalls and lots of quirky power moves. Then you turn the corner and get kicked in the teeth with what are probably the gnarliest sections of 'rock gardens' that you've seen all day, after about 8hours of punishment. It was neat. Dug in and somehow rode it all clean, then spun it up to Big Flat, clocking out at 8:15 elapsed, 7:20 riding.

Props to everybody that toed the line. From the seasoned pros (congrats Harlan!) to the folks that didn't know what they were getting into and everybody in between, way to step it up. That was one hell of a loop that ya'll just raced around. A splash of pics from the day, more up at the smug.

The rider formally known as Jake.

Big dog for the day, Harlan.

Chris E.Fuck it, just huck it! Harlan's buddy Pete.Buddy taking care of his 'single speed tax.'

Lonely Road.

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