bouncey bounce

ahhhhh, recovery.
Pure laziness, couple of days spent sorting thoughts and gear after the TdB, then the knee got tight from abuse and a lack of active recovery. Spin her out on the town trails for a soak in the healing spring fed waters and out onto the road bike for a light spin past the lakes on Saturday. The Cupcake Borg was set for a Sunday 'pre-ride' mission of the 100k at 7:30 in the am on Sunday.

7:30? a.m.? fuck. that. I opted for a solo crack of noon start from the Furnace and threw down 2 or so slowwwww hours cruising thru the lower elevations of Michaux. Legs were uninspired at best and I expected as much. I was just happy to be out pedaling. Had the camera at the ready, stopping often to smell the flowers. An enjoyable ride with no purpose other than to get outside, the sweet sweet lazy days of summer, good times.

Laurel still bangin'
Yellow FlowersWhite flowers.And a big scarey snake!

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camps said...

damn, that's one well-fed snake