On the road with Bender about noonish. To Carp's and unload and out to the venue for 5ish pm start. Good times seeing old friends, tensions builds, stomach tightens up. GO! Get caught by Carp & Tim on the climb while I'm pushin', keep 'em in sight then try to find my big mtn fixy benchcut flow on the downside. Carp introduces a 'Super D' class this year, various downhills are timed with sync'ed up watches and helpers. I set the standard for SuperDFL. Local tuffguy Trehoor is also fixed and crushes me by 25 seconds, have the 'burgians brought in a ringer to squelch my quest? Overall my time is 5ish minutes slower than last year on the Yeti, but only 1 minute off my pace from '05 when I rode it on a 32:17. Much beer drinking and bullshitting into the night commenced.

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