Backyard Roadtrip

Wow, hectic wknd. Lots and lots of pics to post up soon, qwik n dirty recap first.

Thursday, late night building up the new Dos frame, the orange is muy caliente.

Friday, hook up with Old man Withers for a little shakedown cruise on the Dos. Hit up a bit of the Curse loop in a reverse direction. The Dos feels a bit foreign after being off her for a month or so. Take a few deep breaths and let the flow come, get back into sync after breaking a chain. Finish the night with greasy burgers and onion rings before the stumbling bumbling late night gear shuffle, piling up tent and bags for loading into the CR-Vizzle in the morn.

Early rough start to the day Saturday. Still running late, can't seem to make up the 25minutes that I've been behind by since Tuesday. Miss hooking up with Lee for a Curse 100k pre-ride, plug in iPodius and get rolling solo. Unsupported 9am start; 2 bottles, 100oz bladder, one Troeg's Pale Ale, a turkey bagel sandwich and lots of gel packs. 5:30 later all bottles and bags are empty, refuel at the car, head back out. Bang out the second loop in 2:45, so 8:15 elapsed, 7:20 of pedals in motion. Not a race pace effort, but I kept myself honest with a steady gunning tempo all day. Pushed just hard enough to get some sort of benchmark for everybody doing the official event. Handful of beers and plenty of socializing before sliding into the tent for too short of a night's sleep.

Up early once again on Sunday, take a shit ton of pics on Abby with Bender's sweet camera, then work the second aid station during the race. Saw the entire realm of mtn bike racer experiences. Some had good days, some did personal reenactments of Dante's Inferno. It's always neat to see these things from the other side. Back up to the venue after the sweepers moto thru, hang out with shelled and empty souls for a bit, then get recruited to pitch relief at the final aid station. Back out onto the course, marshal a handful of slummin' folks to the finish, miss out on the 100k awards and saying farewells. So, to those that I didn't see before departure.... Nice ride, good to see ya, let's do it again sometime.

Catch you kids on the flip side, which will more than likely be the 101. Should have pics up on the smug tonight, and some teaser favorites on here.....


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