days like these

Feelin' the love, legs having rebounded nicely. Time now for a bit of Tuscarora exploration, a 'one of those days' rides that kept getting put off. Now I know why. Original plan, altered; big goal for the day, aborted after spending 45 minutes to go 3 miles downhill with a bit too much gnarly ankle busting scree hike a bike. Time of day vs potential for more trail suckage = tail between legs. Had a very solid and enjoyable 5 hours preceding that point though.

The now familiar view from Elk Hill Rd.A bit of history along the way.yummmmm.Sheriff Trail is like a super Flat Trail, intense creekside love. Middle Ridge petered out on me before reaching Ant Hill, sort of a frustrating bushwack at times. But some nice scenery along the way.
A quick look near the Turkey Pens gate revealed freshy enduro trail. Nice session of riding the dusted over singletrack moto trail, working soft berms of pulverized loam. Tempo'd out the road to Fowlers Hollow, top off the water, look over the map, confirm the route and head out the back of the park. Eventually bump into Twig Trail and find an incredible climb and berry bushes up out of the hollow to Hemlock Rd.

Another shitty view.Looking at the clock, decide to bail on the BigSpring portion of the planned loop and head direct to the Tuscarora.
The first 1/2mile or so was pretty nice, typical techy trail, then it turned right and pitched straight up the fall line on laid in natural rock steps. Over the ridge and it plunged down through beyond ridable gnarl. Hiking was tough and pure sketch in spots, nothing like steep scree scrambles in Sidis w/ a 29er on your shoulder. Finally back down into the hollow, breaktime at the shelter and decide to bail, 5:45 elapsed. Figure that a 1.5 hour slog on fireroad is most direct route home. So, back out the hollow, down thru the park, pull on the gameface and pick up Laurel Run Rd at it's northern terminus then TT that sucker back to the car and the single warm beer I have waiting. Finish up with 7:20 elapsed, smidge under 6 riding, fifty couple on the odo, lots of fireroad hammering, maybe a bit too much shwackin' and juuuuust enough quality trail to keep me smiling and thinking of coming back, count it.
Slept in and watched the thoroughbreds go toe to toe in le Tour today. Damn, that's one hell of a race this year. Inspired, I climbed back onto the Dos, rolling out the door at a bright and early 11:30ish.
Head for the hills.
Spun her sweetly out to MarshRun, then up the Adams County side for a ripping trip across Ridgetop and down to Coach Duffy's. Follow the tarmac to Cold Spring for a lap up around Vista.
Loving the view.
Wrap it up by rolling across Flat Trail then slum home on pavement with a soak in the cool healing waters of the Letort. Takes strength to get stronger, this wknd was a step in the right direction for sure. Hope yours went well also.


Anonymous said...

hey tom
i think you missed a left turn on middleridge at the deer fence and you stayed on the the logging road. very easy to do as it's not marked. middleridge trail does run out to anthill and it's a good ride. we've carried our bikes up that section of the TT and i feel your pain...although those rock steps almost made it worth it.
we rode twigg on saturday with a bit of blood loss but that's a story for another time. great pictures.
r. egolf

Tomi said...

hey Ray, now I know who laid those tracks in the dust I saw on Hemlock Rd...Figured I missed something on Middle Ridge, bombing fast between the double deer fence, then it just got tighter and tighter and tighter.....

Anonymous said...

after looking at your post again, i take it you were up there on saturday also? that's pretty funny considering twigg probably hasn't seen any bikes since last summer.
give me a heads up next time you're heading up there and i can give you the low down on the rideable trails if you want.

camps said...

Nice lookin' weekend there Tomi. You sure you're getting enough miles in?