did I go too far, or just far enough?
kept piling it on, pile. it. on.

no regrets, the rides
were beautiful experiences,
16+ hours last week
legs still flat 4/5 days later.
can feel the big bounce coming.
hope it gets here soon,
the mental game is revving.
goals are set, no plan to hide behind
the fixed gear for this one.
I will unleash the power and the fury!

the 101 is going down!
or you'll find me fetal position
wimpering in the laurel.....again.

no Lykens 50 for me this wknd,
no need to ruin super fun time experience
trail sessions by associating them
w/ raceface suffer & slum.

And WTF is up with having to pay to camp?
80 fucking dollar registration,
and the promoter can't include a spot
on the grass for me to set up a tent?

$10 to camp in addition to the entry fee.
who's putting this thing on? Laird?

fuck that.

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