good ones are good to come across.
energies. traveling, intersecting.
dig into the quantemness, and it
all sort of becomes one. energetic
waves of vibrating mass that sometimes
sync up, sometimes don't. sympathetic,
amplifying rythmns that carry from one
day to the next.

my face feels sunburnt, from plenty of
relaxed smiling lounging today. One
day to the next, pedaling on a chill go
get 'em vibe. Super steady tempo gunnin',
sometimes finding that bit of extra.
When you ride, you ride. period.
When you stop, you stop, period.
And you may as well soak it all in.
ya know?

Soak in the thankfulness to be able to
make to the most of a 56 deg bluebird
late November day. No raw brisk chill
on the wind, just a low angle December
Sun piercing the nakid trees. The Sun,
creating the mesmerizing tree enscribed
shadow backdrop for that dastardly road
climb. x2, lots of hammers dropped, ouch.

Into the woods and it's Manuchurinan
Zoolander strobe programming. On
off, on off, on off, on on offoffonon
onoffonfoffoffonoffonononooffon, now
you see it now you don't at some sort
of biologicaly defined tree growth
placement wavelength that you just
get in tune with. Damn, it's only like
this for the next few weeks? Carve,
zip! Carve, ZOOM! Ski season can wait?
Fuckin' hunters.

You feed on the awakening good vibes
and just roll that Charlie Brown snowball
down the hill until we reach critical mass.
Ride thru flashing CIA Hollywood lights,
and absorb the programming and tap into
the sense of cycliste'. Become young Jedi ninja
Jabberfixy pedaling trail rider, on it and
flowing through the woods. Nooo brakessss,
all feedback and input, that taste of purity
that's part of the answer to 'why?'.

Look for the bright spots, ride the highhh
line and stay out of troughy trouble rut and
float on that energetic vibrant uptick and
try to be nice, try to be respectful to those
behind and not let that gap grow always
always always trying to at least keep the next
wheel in sight, no matter how much double
visioned blur, out of body sketched remote
instinct pedaling it takes.

It was a rippin good end to a rippin awesome
wknd, thank's to Mr Jay the Man for pulling it
all together. Get it while you can!

Heal up Cupcakes!
Thinking of all ya'll.


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