Novemebr riding.

It was a bit more dysfunctional
then usual, but it's late fall,
it was beautiful out,
and everybody seemed
ok with that.

Get it while you can,
before it's not quite there
like it is now, it's good again.

uh huh, uh huh.


Anonymous said...

tomi- if nobody else says it, I'm way into to the random form po(no)etry format.
truly anonymous

Travis said...

That's too damn funny. Let me guess,...Wink was trying to find his way to spooge?

Tomi said...

trying? it was a success!

AnonymousWINK said...

Why don't you try to find you're way outta the fuckin' rutabaga patch and join us every once in a great while whydontcha before we make you disappear permanent like....never go, you know

Travis said...

Two more weeks of tic disease pills and then I'm a go,...I hope.

Anonymous said...
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Tomi said...

fucking spammers, 123 123, you suck on it!