turning on...

sent an email out
last week...made the
call for 6-8" in Canaan
by the end of the wknd.

WhiteGrass shows 5" @ 4k,
7pm last night, call it a hunch.
woulda been sweet to chase it,
staying close to home instead,
taking one for the team.

Yesterday felt like early
spring, lack of motivation
to get behind the wheel
for any reason plus a lack
of all day ride to the trail
& back motivation found
me down in the shop for
a qwik road bike tune.
Found the creak in the
stem, suit up extra warm
and out to battle that chill
breeze of 15-20 out of the
west/north west.

Raw scene out there, when
not head down grimace into
the moving air. Dense cloud
streets rolling a mid level steel
ceiling with pockets of blue
giving a smidge of hope. But
always the wind. Experience
it this way, then chase it later
to higher elevations, keep the
motor humming.

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Elk said...

Word up my brother. It was gusty out there today, eh?