riding along

call was out, Elk is getting older,
just like the rest of us. Gonna
celebrate 43 years on the big
blue marble, Jim Thorpe style.


Pick up Buck, meet at a new to
me spot and concentrate on the
Broad. Good times were had.
Perfect mid-hi 60's in and out
of the hollers. Try to hold pace
until blinking, the turn the pedals
tempo grupetto just off the back,
listen to stories from the legend,
the Dutch Eagle himself. Great trail,
everything you'd want out of a suck
ass Peeyay ride, mildly bermed and
shwoopy and sometimes chunky and
overly oomphy primitive benched
love into and out of creekside rhodo
dankness, yeah, nothing to see here,
please move along...

ole Dutch, man, that dude reminds
me a bit of Dirtball, similar cloth,
ya know? It was good riding, good
friends, insane weather and lots of
flowing groove despite the fresh
layer of leaves. Compared to Saturday's
spin in Meeshow, Thorpe is tamped
down perfect right now, that seasonal
week makes a difference.

Getting back out on the Jabberfixy.
A nice spin Saturday, layzzeeee soak
it all in pace, wearing the bright
orange T-town jersey for safety, saw
minimal trail head parking thru the
afternoon, felt pretty safe.

Nice to feel a groove coming back
to the riding. Motor definitely isn't
tuned like it was thru the season,
accept it and just do what the mind
can handle and enjoy, square one.
Feeling ok and relaxed and eager
for the ski season, duh. But also
accepting that turns might not
come until mid December, but
hoping for a Turkey day repeat of
last year. please.

So, square one, here we are again.
Bit earlier than last year, but it is
what it is. Time to not sink any
lower, tread water for a bit then
start swimming against the current.
4ish weeks 'til the snow flies for
realz, gotta keep the knees happy,
and strong knees are happy knees..

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