last blast.

actually diggin' this warm blast of air
and high pressures. leaves have been
down for that just enough spell of time
to allow for other traffic at the popular
spots to tamp it down. local woods are
still sometimes follow your nose instinct
thru the wind blown stashes, slow going
at times.

but get onto the beaten path, and trails
are primo, just dank enough to allow raw
roots to keep you honest, the rocks get
tacky as they dry in the sun, nice. day 5
of successive time in the saddle, those
nighttime suburb spins have helped bring
the system back online, the legs are looser,
the techy fixed Saturday cruisin' tuning up
the balancing act.

Good flow early in the woods of Lykens
but no legs or willingness to exert on the
road climbs, cruise control off the back,
save it for in the woods and then get in
a good ripper chasing Buck & OMW down
the trail. Lost Buddy just before the payoff
single, bad luck with a tire vs rock challenge,
bummer. Found some end of ride legs and
happily ventured into that dizzy focused pace
trying to reel in Buck, again & again & again.

A most excellent time of rippin' thu the woods,
retarted fast carving on mini berms and lofting
into no consequence rock gardens with that
levitated stoopid grin plastered across your face.
oh yeah, oh. yeah! braaaaaaP! hopefully sneak in
a couple more before the guns come out.


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camps said...

Oh, I thought you meant Shiney C. was spotted? Should be soon though