the quiver

bored and rainy out, procrastinating cog
time in the workshop, sometimes folks
come to visit, 'Jesus that's a lot of skis...'
so, snap a pic for those that haven't been
here...this is the view one step thru the door:

the what & the why, L to R:

old Karhu Jaks, 180 w/ O1's. picked these up off of TTips for a bargain last month, always wanted to try these skis, bindings are low use, so will find life once these skis are rocked out, if I like 'em that is. Will probably be the second ski in line on any given day, backup to the Works under the lifts or back up to the Bro's for touring when the snow is worth it.

K2 Work Stinx, 180, G3 Targa. Really dig this ski as my new goto for the lift served, had about a month-ish on it end of last year. Big enough platform to not get tossed in the chop at 88mm underfoot, but not too fat to not be able to zip down thru the bumps. Holds a sweet edge on the firm stuff too, an easy to ski ski.

PM Gear Bro's, 179 soft flex, G3 Ascent. If there's a turnable natural snow base, these are the goto skinnin' ski. Nice and soft and flexy for crankin' tight turns in the snow, but get wicked chattery bounce on the harder of the cured hardpack. The edge will stick underfoot, but that big old tip flops around a good bit out there, not exactly confidence inspiring on piste. But awesome to tour on and chase driftlines with, light, free pivot binder, perfect for taking full advantage of the lake effect love.

Atomic TeleDaddys, 183, Cobra R8 yet to be mounted. Another Ttips bargain this year, what the hell. I know what a soft fat ski can do in the Bro. Curious to see what a stiffer fat ski of similar shape can do. And woh baby, do these things have some backbone, 'a man's ski' Stubbie says, should be interesting. Got skins with 'em, but between the Bro's and the Jaks, I'm not seeing these things venturing beyond the lifts, at least for my off-piste tastes and our local environment, don't see these as being 'qwik turners'. Skins will fit the Jaks no problem though once I trim 'em, so there's a loaner set.

Karhu Guides, 185, G3 Targa, soon to be swapped with either the O1's on the Jaks or the Ascents that are on the way via Brown Santa. Waxless beater ski, have skins for 'em too for chasin' vert. Light, go anywhere, do anything ski. See's a lot of thin conditions.

Atomic TM-RX, Voile plate on CRB release. NASTAR gate ski, big riser w/ the release plate makes it feel like you're skiing on a barstool. Keep these puppies on edge, don't ski these too much nowadays.

Fisher Outtbounds, no bindings currently. Reserve backup waxless, should put an NNN-bc on these...

Karhu XCD-GTx, 20?, nnn-bc. Skinny edged xc skis, fun for beating around the local forest, kick n glide at WG. Get's really interesting when you try to ride lifts with 'em, edges need cleaned up a bit...

Movement Freeheels, 174, G3 Targa. Rippin' carvin' hardpack and bumps ski. For when the Works just don't cut it or in the mood for short poppy turns. Previously the goto lift serve ski, replaced by the Works last year. They started to feel small underfoot, and a bit short.

Boots, new for this year EnerG's, feeding the power addiction. Replace the shwooped out SynerG's w/ the bigger boot for the bigger skis. Keep the SynerG's for WG and Denton Touring, but retire 'em from the on piste. Also a pair of NNN-bc boots, for the kick n glide days.

Yeah, I know, lots of skis. Here's the theory. I wanna find a good all around 95-100ish waisted ski for everyday use, have my eye on a few, but no chances to demo anything of the like. Sooo, pick up some decent used skis of differing personality and see which one suits, then pull the trigger on something fresh and new and thin out the quiver. I've read and heard a lot of good things about the Jaks over the years. This pair has quite few days on 'em, but aren't dead yet, I think. At least it's a baseline for figuring out likes and dislikes, interpolate from there. Also read good things about the TD's, and I know the Bro's pretty well by now....so who know's, all I can do is wait for the snow, and then ski.



I can't wait to schuss down ze mountain.


Stubbie said...

2 things:
1: nordica enforcer. 98 under foot. juuuust the right amount of sidecut for all mtn ripping. you might sell everything else.
2: hopefully you'll take some fishscales out to the resort again this year. i love the posts w/ all the swear words. that shit makes me laugh.

camps said...

Yea, those GTX would be fun at WT some night.

I'd like to see how this quiver compares to OMW's.