the itch.

deep into fall.
leaves in the yard need raked,
but still plenty in the trees, hmmm.

riding went from worst to better.
recognize the bottom of the
curve and accept it. all uphill
from now 'til June/July.

Back on a program though?
puhleeze. goal right now is
to simply not. get. any. fatter.
hold steady and start making
an effort to actually turn the
pedals during the week, and
clean up the diet...always a

another 3, 4? weeks, then there
should be reliable snow on the
ground of some sort. either out
of the gun or carried up from
the Erie Lake by Ullr's cool breath.

been watching the weather again,
I love the weather, recognizing
patterns, feeling the shifts, micro,
macro sized timeframes. reading
forum discussions, weather sites,
consensus seems to tilt towards a
favorable local ski season, trending
cooler temps, sweet looking storm
track if the Jet keeps cooperating
this year. Move that October Noreaster
into mid-December and it's game
on fo shizzle!

fingers crossed as always, seems like
recent Octobers have always trended
to a nice pattern, then the patterns
and tracks shift come real winter.

Maybe it's all about conservation of
energy, matter. I mean, it all balances
out over time right? We had a real sweet
spell there in late Sept thru Oct, lots of
energy transferring thru the atmosphere,
lots of stormy weather, wind, rain, loads
of energy expended...and then it calmed
down here over the last couple weeks.

Like things played themselves out,
and are now recharging for round two?
Forecast looks pretty mild for the next
10-ish days, then we're pretty much on
top of Turkey Day with a cooling trend.

I know what I'd be thankful for.

go here, levitation project, for full screen.

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