looking at the loop in my mind.
major sektors are established.
Now, how to maximize the flow.

original plan was to base out
of Seneca, but looking at mileages,
that might put me in some odd places
when it comes time to bed down.

starting at the south end of SMT
might be the flow maximization I'm
looking for....

Day 1: Spin the road north to Spruce with a stop in Monterey, sleep up along the AlleghenyTrail someplace, Seneca Falls?

Day 2: Out of the woods, brunch stop in Seneca, spin over and hit the Gnarly, sleep towards the north end, or preferably down along the Smokehole.

Day 3: Smokehole spin to wake up, brunch in Franklin, spend the overnight somewhere along the SMT, MtnHouse neighborhood?

Day 4: Finish it in the morn, super sweet descent to the CR-vizzle.

looks like a plan,
time to fine tune the gear list.

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marty said...

man, that looks like a sweet route!