gots, beta? WV styley.


four day wknd in the works in the near future.
A is Seneca, then Gnarly-Smokehole-33-SMT-
blackhole of my knowledge-Spruceberries-Seneca.

Should be able to swing A-E+ on day one.
Then on to F and swing west somehow, I think
Slatyfork would be a stretch, but doable, even
sticking to country & mtn road to get there,
camp along the way.

hopefully wake on day three to singletrack
heading north and roll up over the top of WV,
maybe camp up there somewheres, highhh
meadows? Then finish with $$$$ descending
to the car on Tuesday morning, drive home.

Anybody have thoughts on a route toward the
Slatey/Cass area, decent map of the area?
I'm finding lots of Wilderness info, not much
else...time to dig thru the USGS quads? ugh.

time to look into a GPS? something
that'll run for four days min?


jimmy of the north said...

from goshen to cass?????

cutting against the grain, mostly private.

check out the B-M trail, connects 39 on warm springs mountain and comes out on 84 just north of bath county pumped storage. Grtavel and remote...a few scary shanties. Follow the map into greenbank via backdraft, and if this interests you I know an amazing ghost town route over the mountain from Greenbank into Cass (lived in greenbank for a summer).

bike bFAT said...

We should to get our shit together.

camps said...

I've done a Spruce to Snowshoe, mostly trail route. and back.

friendlies will be at Elk River this weekend