hopes dreams

1 beer
2 beer.

burnt, tired. last season,
felt the flame flicker.
then Breck came about.
a big stage to play on,
put on a show, use it
to set new benchmarks.
use it to get out there,
to feel small, reboot.

easy to feel small 12,000 feet
above where you normally
sleep. a cathedral of sorts.
intimidating, pretty sweet.

I felt burnt after chasing the
NUE last year, started looking
for that pasture to be put out
into. then found that CO
inspiration, but now, don't
see much of anything
organized to chase after.

sure, race/ride the regional
goto events, party down SMT
styley, defend the local turf.
but otherwise....

so I ordered bags, custom
touring bags from this guy.
this loop I'm planning, should
be the last w/ the rack, bags are
5 weeks out. mouse traced dot
connecting puts it at 215ish,
wknd shakedown was 35 est,
40 actual. so 250-260 is in
the back of my mind.

3 1/2 days?

sure, that sounds reasonable.

beer 3 goes pSHhhhhhhh,


mike said...

Gotta love WVVA. Looking good!

brett said...

man, you have mad dreams. keep on with it.