101, things (re)learned

ooops, file that one away.
file it under, "things you already know, dumbass."

you will not duplicate the ride you had last year.
every day is different, every ride is different,
you know this, you shouldn't hold onto those
expectations. along those lines, especially don't
expect to a similar experience when you fuck with
the game plan. and don't get upset when these
chips fall into place.

getting the holeshot is silly, but always fun, always
worth it, even if it is simply ceremonial.

I am not a fast starter. Getting the holeshot and
starting fast are two different things. Days go much
better after settling in early, do the work for the cameras,
then relaaaaaaax.

Trust your abilities. Don't doubt that you'll
be able to reel 'em in, know that you can.
You are not a fast starter.

short version: Rippin' super fun bicycle gaming w/
Ramponi for the first couple hours. He set pace down
Detweiler, I took over for Longerberger-3 Bridges,
we were making good time, damn good. Too good though,
working too hard at racing, and not drinking much, at all.

Momentary crampy twinges hit me climbing out from
3 Bridges, accompanied by noticable lack of sweating....
check the bottles, fuck. Toooo busy racin', not attentive
enough to fluid intake, I just fucked up, and dug myself
a deeeeep hole, time to start clawing out, damnit.

Aide2 to 3, damage control, survival mode in a deep dark
quiet place. But there was light, there's always light. First
the beer stop on Greenlee (race cars run on alcohol, right?),
then the ripping recently brushed descents were freaking
awesome, add in those slimy rocks, and it's a full day of
pinball wizardness. Get it where you can.

Aide 3, stop for a picnic with Chrissy and JP. PB&J, pringles, Coke, brownies, fresh water. Begin hiking up Sassafras, damage control, 8hr goal loooong gone, figure we're sitting 15ish in our category. Time to press on. Calories soak in by the top and it feels like I might actually get thru this thing, slam more water. Sassafras descent and the creekside love near Cooper's brought me back to a happy place. And of course, the next climb brought the cramp monster knocking, for real this time, bastard made it past the drawbridge. Battle thru it, get my picture taken on the rocks of Beautiful, then step off the bike twice on the No Name descent. Once to the good side of the trail, once to the not so good side of the trail. Bike has fresh scars, I'm happy to have all my bones intact. Slum into CP4.

Chase JP once again up Stillhouse, then have a nice session with Kyle from Sand Mtn thru to the Po. We were totally digging Worm's bonus deer fence love, thanks man. Almost feeling normal again, as normal as one can feel at hour 7.5 at least, and Kyle says "Imagine Jeff's finished by now...." "Yeah, probably the whole podium.....top ten even" I reply. Boy, that's a demoralizing thought. I need a distraction, wonder if can I get home in under 9? Reach the bottom of the Po trail, and we catch JP and his p.o.s. Lefty that's been his nemesis for the day. Splash n go thru Aide5, into the first tunnel, then I'm stuck on the 14.2mph cramp threshold rail trail pace when JP flies on by once agian, followed by a handful of big ring rolleurs, fuckers.. Get over the final climb, preserve my intact to this point body across the Fisherman's path and maniacally watch the clock. Flipped it over from ride time to time of day, it's getting tight to git 'er done without too much OT. Off the fisherman's path, left onto the final carriage path and oh Oh OOOOHHHH!!!! RASPBERRIES!!!! I have to stop, have to. Perfectly ripe raspberries right there on the inside of the turn, it would be a sin to not partake. Yum, yum yum, gorge gorge gorge, GO!

what time is it? where's that fucking tunnel?

Cool, here it is, thru the tunnel and out, what time is it? 3:52? fuckkkkkkk, this is gonna be tight. put in that tedious 14mph tt effort, right on the edge of lock up, spinnnnnn, myabe hit 16, work the terrain, here comes the bridge, time? 3:57? shiiiiiiiiit, I don't wanna sprint for it, damnit, this is the longest five minutes EVAH!!. Right turn into the alley, watch that grate! time? 3:58...59? uh oh, oh wait...we're here. finally. sit up at the porta johnny's, punch the clock.



dicky said...

Nice job in a stacked field this year...


Metro said...

Nice work.

Tomi the Pinball Wizard huh?


camps said...

You had time for a few more berries.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Definitely! Great read...

Fxdwhl said...

good stuff man. you need one of those handlebar feedbags for your foraging.