loaded, almost.

bag, bivy, cook kit, small frenchy press, wool top & socks in stuff sack. 6ish lbs.
thermarest on bars, 1lb.
frame bag with (2) tubes, pump, zip ties, multi tool, patch box of bits, spare pads, extra chain links, 10' parachute chord, tire boot, extra velcro, small first aid kit, small bottle of chain lube.
Stem bag: lip balm, eye drops, Advil.

bike as shown, 32ish lbs.

no water, no food, need to add flipflops and baggy shorts to the mix yet.

Ergon, 11ish lb w/ 100oz H2O (bike has room for another 55oz), no food. Water filter, soap, saline, chammy lube, tooth paste & brush, Skeletool, (4) AA batteries, (3) AAA batteries, 19t TomiCog (emergency exit)..need to add a T shirt, knee warmers, camp towel.

still working on the menu, stem bag will be filled with ride food, add some oatmeal and 3 or 4 meals in a bag, see how that rounds out...


Anonymous said...

don't forget the camera!!!

Anonymous said...

...no condoms???

Fxdwhl said...

is that a yellow jandd frame bag?

Tomi said...

yeah, picked up the Jandd bag cheap last year.

Camera? duh.

Condoms? hmmmmm.