dots connected.

tinkering w/ new GPS gizmo and software.
trial run this wknd, some weeknight road
rides to figure out the recording aspect.

played with the maps, wish there was
more trailage detail, curious about on
ground accuracy. Software spit out some
numbers, 80ish/80ish/75ish over three
days plus a morning...couple nice stretches
of country road with fresh cooked meals at
220/250 & 33/220 crossroads if needed.
otherwise, carrying it, learning.


Michael said...

I was just up on the Erie Canal with some family including my 87 yo father(!). My brother had the GPS from his car along, which actually was a help when it came time for finding food off of the canal path...

So now I'm lookin' at 'em too...
Trails, breadcrumbs, streets, altitude...sometimes I hate shopping.

So what model did you get?

Michael "The Pinky" Bowen
Tent #8

Tomi said...

Mike! how'd the finger heal up? I went with the Garmin eTrex, Vista HCx, handlebar mount from REI on the way...

camps said...

I have the WV maps and detailed trail descriptions you may need. Ride on down to Ch-burg some evening and pick it up.