holler poaching

went north, climbed out of a fog,
did a good piece of plateau & holler
ridin'. crazy geography when you
really look at it.

the ride, 58ish mile, took us 12 to
make it 'round the big lollipop, 6 to 6
including the 9mile commute on the
rail trail, so in the woods for a solid 40.
gizmo said 6k of climbing, maybe 25 of
that from the 18miles of railtrail.
lots of pitchiness, hikey, testing.

new water filter worked like butter,
gps is an interesting gizmo, bikes
were flawless. legs kept turning all
day long. should've had a bit better
food selection, got stuck on racer boy
calories selcetion. fell short in the
sandwich category. that jar of peanut
butter that's been in the camp box
for how long was finally opened, and
closed again pretty directly.. had
cookies though, coulda used more.

Jake saw a coyote, both of us chatted w/
a rattlesnake, some deer and lots of friendly
people out backpacking, good vibes all
around, sweetness.


chrisscottistan said...

OOOOO' so nice looking, wish i could have joined you and jake for that journey!

Tim said...

Looks like the bft if I know my hiking trails:) Hope you did it in the clockwise fashion. Glad to see someones riding it. Bam Bam!
Cool beans,

brett said...

Nice pics from a nice locale.

bmike said...

crazy bridge!