wishing for the sea of green canopy.



back on it, solid.

earlyish rolling.




steady gunnin'


local hero.

seeking focus, beginning
to define it. jumbled mind
finds clarity in the pedal
stroke. Quenched demons
Weds, then turned over the
flat legs for KingsGap
summit on Thurs.

new fork, 'recover' on Fri.
work the newforkitis out
in the Tuscarrora. Riding
on the honor system w/
OldManWithers. steady.
gunnin'. Ganked up shoulder,
still troublesome, ride thru
it, as per usual. Rippin'
lillegality caps a solid 4hour day.

Good flics w/ quality friends,
then snooze almost once too many,
still pseudo cause of late departe',
was ready before WonderBoy.

then it got hot. 7:20 am, it was warm,
then it got hot. lights came on, quiet
voices offered up BearHill as being far
enough. shhhhhhh.

Just push thru, gotta dig a proper entry
to the pain cave. We want it expansive
this year. tempted by stoopid mid ride
intervaling, 101 flashbacks across RidgeRd
spunout chasing Evil wheel = all blowed up.

Then the no filler, all killer final 1/3.
New???Trail to Moss up ColdSpring to
Vista enhanced link to Canyon and to
Leeper and CharlieBrown/Chapel, Bret
Baldwin, DynomitE!, Bugman's and
C.S. link to Logsled. Ouch.

Post ride, distant focus gazed
comments centered on:

"Hardest fucking forty miles I've ever ridden."


7hours elapsed, 40.0 covered in 5:15 rolling.
4 flats, 1 beer, handful of cold water cooloffs,
cool spring runoff is running! niiiiiice.

Hope you're bringing your A game, I might..
props to everybody, that was speciale efforte'



Anonymous said...

That was some good FUn. My legs are still recovering. Hope they feel good again for the real deal this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Vive il Giro. Any chance of seeing you this Memorial day weekend? My newly rebuilt leg makes for more 2 wheeled fun. Later.