putting it down.

out in it.

out battling Ullr's
waning gasp. Stiffy
chill breeze, seasonal

Mind occupied by
numbers and their
meaning. Working
on simple basics.
Avg speed a decent
indicator of the work
done when the pedaling
never stops.

So watch the digits,
push against my
nemesis. Honest
pace now means
enhanced numbers
once the clock finally
stops. Roll it on the
rollers, get down and
across valley, then
make the left hander
at WalnutBottom.

Breeze disappears
from the cheek. Head
down and wind up the
numbers. Pine Road
induced grimacing spin,
get it all done in 32
minutes, sweet. Then
put some extra in the
bank along the HollyPike
return leg, avg = enhanced.

Time for beer.

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