Is this it?
Is this accurate?


it's an estimation
of a vision, tested once
or twice-ish, feedback, 
common sense wisdom
taken into consideration.

original mystery format as
ridden by KeeferKeefer 
clocked at 44ish, 6k of earned
vertical, for what that's worth.

figure on lots and lots and lots
of punchy climbs & power sapping
bambi path aplenty.  this is a loop
that's alll about the holeshot.
gonna be neat.  

alterations probably put it
at 41-42, will know soon enough.


Chili said...

holeshot - hell! sweep works too! Thx oh great meeshow peeps.

camps said...

clikky no make biggy

Tomi said...

awwww, it doesn't? really? =P

brett said...

methinks it was planned. true michaux pre-race tomfoolery...