my vision. I've always
wondered waht a race
across my backyard
stash would be like.

tomorrow we get to find
out. freshness thanks to
Purple Johnny's crew of
Elders connected the
dots to include until
now local's only stashes.

We tried to mark with
common sense in mind.
If there are no options,
the ability to follow trail
through the woods is
part of mountain biking.

Some confidence arrows,
and all turns/intersections
taken care of, but this ain't
World Cup.

Enough on that. Hope
everybody enjoys the 40,
that's where the love is.
My approach is questioned.
Was gonna race it, 100%.
new fork, systems check,
midterm evaluation. But bum
stapler turned our marking
effort into a 5hour tour. then
camp fire beers, one for each
on the bike, and mind wanders
to big picture, Breck.

First article written and submitted.
nervous. and the mind tries to wrap.
fixed or free tomorrow? keep going
with the recent trend of back to back,
and just log the effort, fix it for
shits & giggles, or race it with little
or no anticipated snap in the legs,
and slum though it. cost to benefit?
it's all beneficial, Jedi mind tricks.

drink some water, sleep on it.

good luck, wherever,
whatever you're
gettin' into.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Thanks, Tomi---you too!