360 degrees

360 degrees per revolution of the crank.
360 chances to fire the muscles juuuust right
in order to find that symbiotic rhythm
with the machine, the implement.

mind starts out jumbled, shedding the
day to day. then a bit of a roller and
concentration becomes focused. wind
doing her best to drown out the WhiteStripes.

doing her best to keep me down,
keep me in my place, she's blowing
steady tonight. watch the digital
readout, keep yourself honest, with
an honest pace, cuz an honest pace
means honest work.

battle the wind down the valley,
fight the upside of the rollers,
let's see what we can do compared
to last week. last week the wind was
weaker, from the S-SE @ 10-15, not
this seasonal due West @ 18-25.

head down and grit and grimace into it.
steady. gunnin'. Up along the creeks,
jump the rollers across the valley and
turn left at WalnutBottom.

1.5 elapsed, yeah, let's head home.
first it was seated power down on the
hooks @ 17/18, now it's wound back
up to 18/19 with a nary a breeze on
the cheek, so turn 'em quicker, now
we're talking. sweet silent helping hand
breeze shows 22-25 on the gizmo.

leg speed leg speed leg speed.
assume the TT mindset of always
seeking that wind in your face sensation,
but not the full bore effort, now is not
the time for that.

just keep pedaling, and you're
home before you know it.


Karlos said...


mattchew said...

tomi... that traverse trail will really put some hair on one's chest. classic michaux. good job. high fives.

Tomi said...

thank purple Johnny when you see/meet him, that's his vision.