pie eyed piper

i am not a role model.
i am not an ambassador.
i am, an arrogant ride snob.
and right now, I have no issue with that.

i have limited time resources.
i have limited energy.
i have goals.
i profess to not train.
i like what Elk says.
"I get prepared."

i prepare myself to go race for 10 hours.
i prepare myself to go 6 days straight.
5-6 a day, on a stupid fucking fixed gear.

i do what i think needs to be done,
to make the experience as enjoyable
as possible. i do not watch seconds
tick by with corresponding hr zone digits.

i work on 'endurance'
i work on 'power'
i go out and work on 'climbing'
then speed. listening to the legs,
the body, the silent voice.
10 to 20 hours a week,
sort it out by time of year
and inspiring mood.

attack a climb when the mind is right,
and chase it around the bend. or next.
or another yet. or not.
wait...then go again.
do what I think needs done to break you,
to drop you for the next carrot.

i ride with my peers, and I won't
apologize for that. there's a difference
between riding with a group of friends
vs. a group ride. when i ride, yeah,
i probably have an agenda, and if i
want company, and know you
can tolerate my bullshit, i'll let
you know when, where and how much.

but the above above, is why.
i am a fuckingarroganttoolridesnob,
this is my journey,
and this is the path,
for the moment.


brett said...

damn, what brought that on? you gotta follow your agenda when you're "preparing" for the shit you do.

Tomi said...

meh, conversations with folks that probably don't read this drivel.

dennis said...
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Mark said...

it is easy to think when there are no words to hear or say, except to oneself.