is what it took
to do a full pull
preride, wellll,
99.95% full pull.
47mile according
to the gizmo.

yeah, climbed B'ville
tarmac instead of
running water C&P
up to the lot.

jra pace on the 32:19,
no pedals were turned
in anger. hanging
ribbons here & there,
minimal time spent
gawking, less than 7
elapsed, sorta almost

what a sweet loop.
plenty of has not yet
seen an arrow included.

And of course, a nice
dose of freshy fresh,
it's how we roll.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Chili and I are signed up! What a great day it was yesterday! :)

dennis said...

Do most of the guys we ride with on Sundays race single speed or geared?If i remember right I think I saw you racing single speed last year at Teaberry.Thanks Dennis