a goal, a plan.

I'd like to see the Juniata River this wknd.

Think I'll ride from the doorstep Friday after work,
should reach Laurel Run by dark. Then on Saturday,
satisfy some curiosity along Bowers Mtn on the way
to Fowler's, then push on to East Waterford to re-up

Depending on time of day, hope there'll be time and
the legs to explore some of Blacklog Mtn, see the
Karl B. Guss picnic area, hopefully grab a bite to eat
somewhere near Lewistown, then start back home....
could be a stretch to reach that far.

Plan B, stay on this side of East Waterford and do more
extensive scouting of those squiggly lines on the map
around Fowler's and Kansas Valley. Hiked some of that
stuff years ago, not sure how good it'll be for riding.

Hope the weather forescast holds out, hi's on the 60's,
lows around 40, sunny.

still need to get a decent mileage estimate, should be sweet.


Travis said...

Plan C: After missing man camp, you better be making it to my birthday ride from the love shack. You got all winter to explore.

Tomi said...

or what?

brett said...

you go, man. makes me want to transfer my rack to my On One.