easy enough?

rack is mounted, bike is clean and tuned.

bags are packed full and strapped down tight.

the aim is west by northwest, dawn patrol
bee line to Fowler's Hollow for a water stop, 
hit some trail of known quantity along the 
way to shake things down, then eat lunch 
maybe in Blain, hopefully East Waterford,  
would like to see McColloch's Mill and 
Willow Run from the saddle of my bike, 
but that could be a long reach.  probaly 
camp somewhere near Fowlers or down 
along Laurel Run, we'll see where the day
takes me first.  no clue what kind of pace 
to expect, other than alllll day.
mixed terrain of road, couple portions of 
fireroad climbing and cruising w/ singletrack 
linkage to figure things out, maybe some 
mellow exploration...

the setup:
On the rear Sherpa rack, in a 
waterproof OR compression sack:  
Marmot Pounder 40deg synthetic bag.
Thermarest Prolite3 pad.
Knickers w/ boxers for camp time.
Cook kit: .8L Ti kettle
MSR PocketRocket Stove
small JetBoil fuel canister.
(2) different sporks for testing.
1/2c measuring/drinking cup.
mini Salt & Pepper shaker

spare spokes taped to rack leg.

small 'Bento box" style frame bag holding
a handful of cookies, bars, & a gel. enough 
to comfortably get 6ish hours up the road.

(2) bottles of drink mix

saddle bag w/ tube and CO2's w/ shooter.

Mtn Hardwear bivy sack strapped to the bars.

In the HAWG:
shock pump
chain tool
extra length of chain
chainring bolts
SOG leatherman-ish tool.
zip ties.
duct tape around tooth brush handle
not yet worn out set of brake pads.
pack of misc bolts for rack.
Wool hat.
Tall wool socks.
long sleeve base layer.
bandanna (w/ glow in the dark constellations!)
Water purification elixer.
small bottle of soap.
small container of chamois butt'r
limited first aid kit.
toothbrush & paste.
eye/contact drops
fire starter sticks.
pak towel 
EOS led light
chain lube.
100oz bladder.
food:  Mountainhouse dehydrated beef stew,
two packs of instant oatmeal
1 pack of chocolate PopTarts
Nuun electrolyte tabs.
turned off cell phone.
camera on the shoulder strap.
Ipod in the jersey pocket.
map in a bag in the baggy shorts.

kit will be baggies over bibs 
w/ knee warmers to start.
base T, jersey, armwarmers
w/ a wind vest to hold off
the morning chill.

I left the gearing at 32:19 on the Salsa,
couldn't get the freewheels cracked loose,
not like I haven't hoofed it aplenty all ready,
so no biggy.  Probably slap the Exiwolf onto 
the rear before heading out, rolls just that 
smidge better than the MtnKing.

Looking at the load strategy, some sort of
frame bag would be nice, move the repair gear
off the back and down onto the bike, make room 
for more food/warmer clothing options as season
and journey dictate.

As it sits loaded, except for 50oz of water bottles, 
the bathroom scale shows 35lbs.  Hawg slides in 
at 14lbs, w/ a full 100oz bladder.  that's reasonable 

oh, and just added a warmish pair of gloves
to the pack, mornings have been chilly lately.

If I was a good blogger, I'd have a picture 
sequence of all the fun of figuring out the 
packing, it was an exquisite gear shuffle,
too bad you missed it, instead you got 
the tedious list..

yee harr!!!!!

catch ya on the flip, with pictures!

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