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You read about and see how third world dictators loot and pilfer their country's treasure for personal use, leaving entire countries basically bankrupt or worse while they live high on the hog.  With the US now providing bailouts to the tune of $600 BILLION for just the year 2008, where's this money come from?  You read about these CEO types who are 'let go' after running these companies into the ground, and they walk away with millions, tens and 100's of millions.  They aren't tossed out on their rump with nothing.  They totally fuck up their job, shrug their shoulders and live hi off the hog while the rest of us are left to pick up, and pay for the pieces.  

Where're all these free market, pure capitalism pussies now?  Looking for a handout from all of us.  Looking for some CEO welfare, too fucking scared to practice what they preach, can't deal with the consequences.  assholes.  they game the system, lose, then still get paid.  how's that work?

And we fucking pick up the pieces.  How many more 'bailouts' can the system handle?  Is this how they bring down the US?  Is this how they "drown gov't in a bathtub"?  McCain claims he wants to 'reform gov't.'  In what respect exactly?  Bankrupt the shit out of it, then rebuild it from there, based on your bullshit theocratic authoritarian bullshit.  Reform it more to your narrow small minded incurious outlook.  Reform it to make your religious right lunatic fringe base happy?  just reform all that liberal bullshit out of there, right?  Bush/Cheney haven't gone far enough for ya?

no thanks.

it's a shame that we'll probably never see any of these liars, crooks and war criminals in a real court of law.  never see them held accountable, it won't be 'politically expedient'.  it's a shame that there are just sooo many mindless sheeple out there.  democracy is hard, it requires an informed thoughtful electorate.  otherwise we'll always be stuck with this same bullshit, year after year after year.


Bender said...

Damn straight! Bush and Cheney should be tried for war crimes and hung. It drives me crazy to think about the fact that the same people who vote for these assholes are the ones getting fucked by them. Bunch of fucking hypocrites. They say less government while trying to ban gay marriage and abortion. They say pro-life if your a single celled organism but once your born your fucked. No free health care for you. Sorry, can't afford it. Should of stayed in the fucking womb where they actually gave a shit about your well being.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bush has kept a very low profile and is a horrible leader. As for CEOs and executives making too much... That's bullshit! They get there by taking on extreme responsibility/accountability and they should be paid for it. If they get ousted they get a portion of their agreed upon compensation. If they do their job, they get handsomely rewarded (and people complain that they make too much).

brett said...

Atlas Shrugged.

Tomi said...

Mr. Anon, what, too fucking scared to put a name to your opinion?

You say "They get there by taking on extreme responsibility/accountability and they should be paid for it."

But should they still be paid when they FAIL????

What risk? What accountability are you talking about?

We're the ones left holding the bag, we're the ones paying for their fuck up/bailout, while they trapse out the door with their big fat obscene severence package.....

Be a fucking man and own up to your comments....pussy.