curtain call.

final Meeshow.

50miles of terror.
try to be a contender, 
and 'race' for an hour.
stay on the rivet for another, 
keeping Less and Topher honest.

then reality, go into denial for
until hour three.  KTM rolls by 
on a mission, I got nothing, try 
to rally later.  new sequence to
the loop, descending 4logs to 
Turtle is mega fun.  Yarnell goes by
at the bottom.  still no answer.
settle into survival mode.
survive for another 3+ hours.
I had no rally. 50miles in 6.5, 
fucking toughness out there.

time to recharge, and realllly take
a step back.  did some shopping 
over the wknd, all I need now is a rack.
And Reuban has me covered on that,
thanks man.

New adventures await.

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