been tinkering over on mapmyride.

from here to within sight of the Juniata and back.....
135ish mile, estimated.
25 to make camp along Laurel Run Friday eve.  Purify some 
water, check out some new to me trail, ColdSpring, Bowman's,
IronHorse, while keeping an eye on the clock. Hot meal and 
restock in East Waterford, then push thru to the far point at 
Minehart Gap, check out some unnamed squiggly lines that
are on the map, with possible water at the Karl Guss picnic 
area, which is around the 75-80mile point.  2nd time past 
Fowler's is trip mile 105ish, that 75-90 should be a good 
portion to sleep on.  Then plug on home on Sunday.

ez, right?

and sorry I've been dissing the local 'cakes,
gotta strike while the iron is hot, ya know.

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