carte blanche

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longer slideshow on the Smug
good times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing with us:)

Metro said...

Freaking sweet dude. I am so green w/envy looking at those photos. I’ve really got to get my bike packing shit together. You know what really sold me though was the glow in the dark constellations on the bandanna.


Anonymous said...

I hunt in "Horse Valley" where the CCC camp is you rode by. My cabin is abuot 2 valley's away, great area to go riding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I came across your posting on MTBR. NICE RIDE!!! My cabin is up the road from Fowlers Hollow. I'd love to know the route you took. Most of the entries in your journal are vary familiar to me. I've only been hiking/hunting on them for 21 years!!!!!!!!!!!

MIke said...

That is badass. Autumn is here. Thanks for the bikepacking stoke!

fatbob29r said...


By the sounds of it, you should think about blaze orange moving forward, lots-a "hunting" cabins that way

Metro said...

Screw the vest man you just need to wear this. http://www.performancebike.com/shop/profile.cfm?SKU=25160&subcategory_ID=1110
It’s got style written all over it. Somewhere on the back maybe.


Joey and Mandi said...

I want to bike camping! Damn that makes me want to just lock the door put up the closed sign and head for the hills. What kind of rack is that?


IF Chicks said...

real nice stuff Tomi.
Thanks for the inspiration.