huh, what?

the hundo was good.

better legs and being able to back 
up my shit talkin' woulda made it great.
Reasonable goal was 9hrs even, figuring
an awesome day might have me flirting 
w/ 8:30, and find me in the running.  
Knowing that it's a who's who of superfast 
sser's toeing the line, a solid 9 might, might,
have me lingering on the lower podium steps.

gameplan: race the clock, and see where the 
standings fall. started by keeping Topher and 
Matt in sight, then the elastic stretched.  Spent 
most of the day groovin' back and forth w/ Andy, 
keeping the pace honest, but definitely not always
hammering it in the zone.  Spending quality time
bouncing around the top 50 with a solid group;
the Fooftown mafia, Mumbles, Mathew, Kyle!,
Richie O'Neil, the bearded dude that followed me 
down a rippin' Braley's sesh....
And, as always, awesome to spectate 
the ladies' as their race developed.

final tally, 9:08, 40th overall, 8th ss.  After 
catching Cheryl and the knee warmer dude
for the final time on the next to last pitch 
of Hanky, tore down the final descent, 
turned left, looked down and the clock read 

Two minutes, from here to there? nope.
nah gunna happin.  Talk about wind out
of the sails....I cracked so hard, it was
pathetic.  Rolling that logging road, 
dizzy in the single line, bouncing off the 
side of the rut, working with a severely
tilted horizon.  I got dropped by the guy
I descended with, and passed by the 
mystery white sleeve singlespeedr along
the way to the campground, giving up 
1:20ish and :50ish over those last two 
miles.  Cheryl almost caught me coming 
thru the campground, I heard brakes
behind me in Shanty Town, so rolled it
sharp across the courts before turning 
around, saw the Trek kit and luckily
she enjoyed her victory a bit, otherwise
I woulda been 41st place.

now I need to pack my shite, hustle 
down to casa de Sornson to crash on 
le Turtle and Lee's couch before early 
am BWI departure for the final leg of 
the NUE Tour '08.  Time to find out 
how it's done out there.  going out
for the scenery as much as the racing 
action, but 75miles of fireroad makes
one wonder about things not really 
considered again until recently...there is
still an itch to scratch, and post race
chat with Wikiwikiwiki was encouraging.

somebody's got to do it, but gametime 
decision for sure, other things to factor.

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rousseau said...

3 minutes off I70 if you need a place to crash in Denver.