well, apparantly that oh so accurate map of the Mutant has piqued some interest....here's the dillyo.

First attempt: Thought about a Classique style approach, but decided that I'm doing it solo, cuz that's the best scenario for me. Figure to be rolling pre dawn to catch the sunrise up on Piney, then taking the day as it comes. Gonna leave myself a drop of supplies out there on the route, bit of food, water and a cold beer or two, plus a light I guess. Shakedown the route and get a feel for the exact timeframe. Right now, estimating 14-15hours elapsed. Last year's Classique ride was 65 and is close to the layout, but without the southern portion. That one was 11hours, add on 3-4 for the extra 35ish and it's a big day.

Now, if things go well, there is an open slot in the sched mid August. If the programme works out, and this thing is feasable, thinking about a second assault with company along at that time.

In bike news, thanks to Chris, I found a fork for Rocinante. Hopefully there'll be a box from Soma on my doorstep by mid next week. Love riding the Kellogg, but that frame is soft and kinda whippy when pushed past 30. There's a price to pay for that smooth compliant ride, she lacks a bit of confidence when things begin to appraoch the sketchy zone. So I doubt it's a good choice for the fireroad demands of le Tour. Need to sort out what drivetrain I'm gonna run though, not racing it fixed this year.....maybe a barend shifter and set up a 1x9/8 for a week or two.....or find a 56-57cm top tubed roadie to borrow. Anyone?

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riderx said...

Mid-August heat and humidity to add to the suffering!