finally got the Moho out of my head.
chalking it up to harsh reality of the year's first battle with humidity.

"It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

No shit, ain't no dry heat 'round these parts, time to get used to it.

Getting used to it.
Thursday: Assault of 233 from the Furnace side, staying honest with a bit ot TT mindset.

Friday: Meeshow session w/ Churtle, she was intervaling, I was riding the climbs. Both got a good 2hr workout. Riding w/ purpose. Dip in the lake was refreshing and good for the legs.

Saturday: Delayed crack of noon start, coinciding nicely w/ the start of a NWS excessive heat watch. Cooking the 40:15 in the 90+; 233-B'ville-Whiskey Springs. Then a niiiiiice soak of the legs in the chilly LeTort. Noon to three ride window should finally have me adjusted. Honest work on all the climbs, even saw 190 on the gizmo while topping out on Whiskey, sweeet. Happy I didn't have to walk a step or two.

Sunday: Planned fun w/ the 'cakes, early start, cooling mtn stream nxt to the meeting spot, perfect.

Why the crack of noon start today? Besides the cog work, tinkering a bit with the garden. Makes me smile every time I walk by.
Will probably thin that one row of lettuce tonight, my first fresh salad!!!!

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Fxdwhl said...

you know you can deal when the heat fades to the background and the terrain hurts more. got a taste of that today.

this week on the road should finalize acclimation.

we've got tomatoes, mint, and herbs shooting up. tried all vegs' years past but not enough direct sun so off to the farmers market we go.