tough time of the year,
this push thru the heart of the season.
feeling the stress of the questions 
of whether I'm up to it.  Why subject
to the hard suffering ahead, if not really 
racing, do I even want to race if the 
situation calls for it?
Not really a focused appraoch this year, 
sorry for the recent grumpiness.
Off to see Jess, pick up some last minute
bits, then down to the workshop.  On the
freshly tuned skinny tires for a systems check.
Bump and chat with Old Man Withers on my 
way out, then up Cold Spring, quick pop quiz
on 40:15 fireroad climbing, passing grade, 
mind now somewhat more at ease.  

Curious what tomorrow brings.
this blog now written on a Mac,
cuz iI'm better than you


camps said...

Welcome back GrumpyT.
Beauty poster-quality pic,

maybe we'll x paths tomorrow...

Fxdwhl said...

gotta love that fresh mac smell.

coasting on the skinnies with dual brakes?

pabiker said...

Like those flowers, nice play with the frame too.

Remember those flowers from many PA road rides - those were the days.