the spirit.

doing more with less.
apply this to all portions of your life.
think about it.

that said, not camping on Friday.
'self supported' is the name of the game.
sleeping in my bed, will get up an extra
25 minutes early for the CR-Vizzle commute.

eliminates setting up a tent and renting a spot.
not doing a drop, carrying everything I think
I'll need. Take advantage of reliable water
stops along the way. if I want a beer, I'll carry it.
turkey sandwich, carry it.
chocolate covered pretzels,
bring 'em along.

no camp to tear down,
have some chips and drinks,
then back to town to celebrate.

simple enough.
easy enough.


Bender said...

"chips and drinks"?....sounds like The Streets if I'm not mistaken. By the way, I think I like the rigid 29er thang,

Fxdwhl said...

yeah it sucks when prep takes longer then the ride. sherpa-ing all your gear makes it more of a tour too.

curious to see what the gps track looks like. good luck.

camps said...

be like Reub

Brett said...

interested to see how this turns out. there's an outside spigot at the house if you're desparate. the closest you'll be is Ridge and Woodrow, or Michaux, based on your cocktail napkin map. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It will be one hard day but you definitely have the legs to do it this year!