the push

the Tour,
it's here again.

reflecting on bailing.
was the right thing to
do, gut instinct. but now,
when again? understanding
the task, best to be fresh,
gonna need lots of daylight,
or willing to carry bigger light,
might have to give up the beer.....

I want to get this done this year.
so, try again, early August,
bit of post 101 rest with a buffer
before Shenandoah. When is that?

Or skip/volunteer Teeberry and
rest after Tahoe trip for a late Sept
assault. Get in some altitude training,
yeahhhhh....that's the ticket.

Work to the South from the gun on
that early August date, at least tag the
full loop south of 30, that's only 75ish,
then the northern portion if the day calls for it....

so, yeah, was back on it again Sunday.
fresh fork hacked down for old red,
Sunday break in spin. Head to the lakes,
late start, figure to catch the 'cakes when
they finish, figure 1-ish is fourish for the
9ish am start. No signs when I get there,
do a quick lap up&down B'ville, then up&down
again, and again. And while debating a fourth
lap, Rich thankfully appears. Merciful cold
adult beverage that I been hoping for,
a bit of chillin' and chattin' and rolling home, no
sign of the crew, thought I'd bump 'em along
the rail trail. Sounds like they had a nice ride.

Climbing B'ville 3 times with day 3 legs felt good.
Good reminder/recognition of the core power
that lurks. Gonna need that for the Tour.

Gonna need that.
Gotta write my intent.

Gotta figure out my intentions first,
could be some competition in the nutball
ss'er class this year.....

and is anybody even stepping up?

haven't seen any intentions posted anywhere.....

wonder if Ralph is happy to have
somebody to talk to again?

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