yeah, I'm lazy, just gonna cut n paste the same day email recap.....
but will add in the crappy cell phone pics.

the meat:
From Mt Holly, @ Marsh Run Trailhead parking, MArsh Run to Twirlytop to the top of the ridge, Piney Mtn road to the top of Bendersville Lot, Fender Trail to My Favorite then back onto Piney Mtn Ridge. Ridge top road to Shipp Rd to Jake's parents for coffee
and muffins. fucking spectacular, Steve and Kay ROCK!
why'd Jake turn out so odd?????? Buck, Bender, Pedro, Carpong & I are joined by Churtle, Sue George and Travis (DANNY!). From Jake's @ 3+hrs in, to Abby Trail to Long Pine Res.
Carp fixes his first flat.

Pete has snacks. Girls in da wood.

Then out Loon-Beaver-Yellow Gate up to the powerline and across and down Yellow Hill into Caledonia. Carpong fixes another flat, Bontrager tires ROCK!

Bender before realizing his tire is going flat, Carp out with the pump.Hey ladies! Do a little dance.

Another stoopid notch in the belt, have managed to ride from one end of the map to the other, time to turn back, 5:40 elapsed. Climb the blue blaze back up to the powerline then stick/sting/whateverthefuck and over and up to Lollipop to purple Johnny's new trail (the Enchanted ForestTrail per group consensus cuz it's all Hanzel and Grettle and shit, nice work Johnny!)

Bender looking smoove.Carp fixes his third flat.Listen, I'm serious.This is good shit.

Eventually to Ridge Rd, then about 25-30 minutes spin from south of Big Flat. Travis bails at Big Flat, baby classes for the papa to be, then we continue out to Tumbling Run to Lewis Rocks and out across all of Rattlesnake eventually to Michaux Rd. Bail on doing any Community Service and spin to the Furnace then rail trail between the lakes before climbing Cold Spring.

It's that time of day.

On up to Hammonds Rock before descending down Vista Trail.

Looking towards home.

Finish with all of Flat Trail over into Mtn Creek campground before finishing the stem of our 'lollipop' by backtracking only thru Marsh Run to the cars. Beer tax was two per person, but Bender only carried one. Being only his third ride for the year we let him slide. He looked hollow
at times, literally, and then pulled off the grilled chicken sainthood manuever to crush all comers. Rock Star pretenders beware! Bender's got game. Carpong wins the 'furtherist commute' award, pulling off the long bookended commute to join our folly.

Ride Stats: 11:05 elapsed, 7:20am-6:25 in the pm
8:45 ride time, avg speed 7+ish. 65- ish Meeshoslow miles.

100 miles in Michaux, you gotts to be fuckin' kidding.
'Racing' 50 should be able to, no, it will, break any man.
you anin't seen nothing yet...

100..........Anyone game?
today's loop plus an excursion into the Narrow's......
I can figure it out, early Juneish, screw the HooHaa.
This is grown man type shit.
I'm a cycling obssesed EngineEEeeeeR!!!!

It'll be sick.

thanks to everybody for sharing the experience.

I need a shower, desperately.



Anonymous said...

What da fuck is wif the self potraits. Girl in da wood? HA!

IF Chicks said...

Is Sue on Big WHeels now ?

Tomi said...

uhmmmm, I don't think so....do think she mentioned a 'borrowed' bike something or other. I'm not real good at these observations.

Buddy said...

Good stuff, Look forward to having a brew with you folks after Maximus.